Keep It Clean

Spark1 is defining a new industry standard for medical cannabis growth. What does that mean to us? Well, for starters, when we say medical we mean medical and that’s why our standard for cleanliness rivals that of a hospital.

Environment Dictates Everything

We ditch uncertainty and turn to our proven systems in every step of our grow process. That’s why every detail of our grow is engineered for absolute precision, and the results are consistent. Every. Single. Time.


We’re not hobbyists, we're professionals obsessed with perfecting our craft.  There's zero 'hoping for the best' around here. We use a technique called ‘pheno-hunting’ to isolate the absolute best plants in every batch, and meticulously clone them to provide the best results for our patients.

Sunshine Is Fine

Though we try with all our might to mimic the awesomeness of the sun, no indoor lighting setup can truly live up to the incredible spectrum that outdoor light provides. That’s why Spark1 cultivates plants in the great outdoors as well.

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